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Knowing ZASD by His Walk


January, 2016, Published by Dokument Press
17 x 24 cm, 160 pages, linen hardcover with jacket
3 paper stocks, 5 colors

Thomas Bratzke (a.k.a. Zasd, Zast) from Berlin is a central figure within the experimental urban art scene of the past two decades. His performances, sculptures, installations, and interventions transcend the genre of graffiti.

He deconstructs and reconstructs the quotidian, from commonplace objects to the fabric of the city, and even engages with social systems and structures, to create a new, more vibrant and interactive reality for his audience. As a part of the Berlin-based collective jazzstylecorner, Bratzke has expanded his practice to incorporate collaboration and improvisation, central tenets of the graffiti world, with more atypical ingredients such as jazz music, 3-D projection, kinetic sculpture, and digital media.
Thomas Bratzke has exhibited in Berlin, New York City, Tokyo, and in many cities in Europe and internationally. Here, for the first time, can be seen a comprehensive survey of his work.

The book consists of three parts,

  1. Vanity Plates ( a presentation of selected photographs of Bratzke´s body of work)
  2. The House of Thomas Bratzke, a novel written by Rose Pacult
  3. The Modest Facts (a complete overview of Bratzkes body of work)