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I have been working in various fields of design for more than a decade, including the design of books, identities, and websites. Key to my practice is full engagement in a project from an early stage and thoughtfully developing all facets of its content until its completion.

Regarding book design, I have been credited as either editor or designer, and most times both, of about thirty publications released in the past eight years. The publications I have worked on range from image-centric design volumes - which survey the work of up to hundreds of contributors - to hand-crafted small edition art-books showcasing the work of friends or of artists whom I admire.

I am intrigued by the idea of personal interaction with the automized production of books, so as to add a human, “hands on” aspect to the finished product. I believe this not only makes a publication more unique, but also offers a more rewarding experience for the reader and a more attractive vehicle by which to communicate the artist’s message.

For identity needs, I establish with the client what the core elements of their business are, and then use these to guide my design strategy. The strategy can cover a wide range, from logos to such diverse material such as letterheads, stationary, posters, flyers, and catalogs. I maintain regular contact with the client during the development process, so that communication is simple but productive.
My goal is an identity design that expresses the essence of the business in a straight-forward and streamlined way.

Another aspect of my practice is website design, whether developing the “front ends” or the entirety, and I have built sites for a wide range of needs. I have been using kirby, a small but effective cms, partnered with responsive designs and javascript. I then use a minimal and intuitive interface to create a functional and engaging web experience. A strength of mine is the art website, and I have built sites for artists or art galleries of international renown.

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