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Reality VR:

Instead of creating new and unseen VR-experiences, why not let people experience different work realities around the world? This way, everyone gets an idea, what other people do half of their waking days.

Future Jobs 2: Travel agency "Balconia":

This agency works like an ordinary travel bureau, except its customers won't go anywhere special. In fact, they never move but stay in their home for holidays. In times of declining income, the so called vacations in balconia are a popular alternative to expensive flights and hotels abroad. Now: the travel bureau "Balconia" offers the unique service of making this vacations more interesting, by offering some surprising activities in or around your home. This could include a dangerous shopping tour, some urban explorations or how to blend in with some rich folks at dinner party...

Future Jobs 1: Cleanr:

The future cleaner is working fully digital and has to be able to work as a manager. As we gather, save and forget so many digital files, it will be necessary for a person to dig through all that noise and give us back a clean and highlighted life. You can choose different moods: "facebook friendly", "essential & minimal", "miserable & nihilistic", "emotional rollercoaster" or "functional".

Find your Love:

Build a website that offers to find someone’s perfect romantic partner. Try to achieve this by presenting a series of jokes and asking participants whether or not they find them funny. If people have a significant number of matching jokes, they can contact each other...

Another Magazine:

Create a magazine, which would change in appearance, content, and name with each issue. What would be needed for it to still be called a magazine?

One Person Magazine:

Create a magazine that focuses only on one person. An issue documents one day in the life of this person. The following issue will be about a person that is related to the previous subject, namely, it's somebody the previous subject met in the last issue.

The Perfect Trailer:

Many trailers for movies show the best bits of the film but leave out the stuff in between. To have a trailer of consequence, one should show the entire movie at a speed that makes it duration between one or two minutes.

Super Normal:

Make a movie about a world in which everyone has superpowers, except for one man. He all of a sudden discovers that he has, by our standards, normal abilities and people envy him this.

Leaving a Trace:

Cut out some seemingly random words off each spine of the books I have designed. Eventually, if I put all the these words from books of all the different publishing houses I worked for together, I will have a sensical book title.


Create posters to promote street musicians as if they were performing organized concerts. Put these posters, with date and location, up around the city, to give these musicians and improved chance of being heard.

Office Jewelry:

Design a collection of practically useful jewelry: a rubber eraser or a pencil sharpener on a finger ring, a pen on a necklace, ear rings with paper clips, etc.That way you create a mobile office, which also decorates the user.

It's a Bit More Complicated Than This:

Look for places in the city where statements are presented abridged or out of context, for example election posters, political graffiti, etc. Find background information related to these statements, and post it on the same places to make a more objective discussion possible.

News Switch:

Take two newspapers, a serious one and a yellow press, and switch their content to create a contradiction between form and content.