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Peter Woelck

Dancing in Connewitz


December, 2014
Editors: Bettina Klein, Wilhelm Klotzek, Gundula Schmitz
160 pages, 22,5 x 14 cm, color print
Texts : Bettina Klein, Wilhelm Klotzek, Peter Richter

Peter Woelck was an east-german photographer, which photos gained recognition since the late sixties. Some of his trademark photos showed a not yet finished TV-Tower or a garbage worker coming home from work in the morning. It is said, that his photos were too realistic for him to be recognized as an appreciated artist in the GDR.

After the wall came down, Woelck didn't made the cut either. Being a good photographer, but a bad businessman, his work started to spread between his documentary images and commercial commissions for fast food restaurants.
In 2010, Woelck died of cancer, shortly before being evicted from his flat, in which he had lived for almost 30 years.
His son, artist Wilhelm Klotzek, started to sort through the archive of more than 2000 negatives. This book is one of the cornerstones of his findings, bringing together all facettes of Peter Woelcks work.