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Velo Tramp

Identity for a mobile gallery


August, 2011
Design: Matthias Hübner
DIN A6 (folded), DIN A3 (unfolded), two colors

Mounted to a bike, Velo Tramp is a mobile gallery, an exhibition space created by Mark Straeck & Katia Vásquez Pacheco. →website)
Going to places, showing places, and mixing both up, Velo Tramp is an interesting experiment in urbanism and art.

With the start of Velo Tramp, a concept for a series of catalogs was conceived and executed, the idea being simple and straightforward: each catalog should be produced at the new location of the gallery, accompanying the show. We expected a copy shop near the gallery at each move, as it was usually positioned in urban areas. With this in mind, a maximum papersize of DIN A3 was chosen and with a specific folding, the paper turns into a one-sided booklet of six pages, with a poster on the backside.
To give the catalogs a personality, a green pantone-color was printed on the paper beforehand, matching the color of the gallery.