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Rock the Block

Identity for a three-days art & music festival in Kreuzberg


October, 2012
Client: backjumps
Concept, Design: Matthias Hübner
Typefaces: ZIGZAG Rounded by Benoît Bodhuin & GT Walsheim by Noël Leu
Printer: Oktoberdruck Berlin
various formats

»Herum, herum, herum, drüber, drunter und durch, so! Und weiter, nochmal! Habt ihr es kapiert? Darum geht es.«

Rock the Block was like a childhood dream of Berlin curator Adrian Nabi, which came true in 2012.
The visual concept for the 3-days-festival in Berlin-Kreuzberg was referring to that childish idea of a blockparty around the corner, making use of a comical typeface, dazzling colors and some wavy lines.