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Planet B

Ideas for a New World / Ideen für eine Neue Welt


January, 2016, Published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König
Editors: Alain Bieber & Lukas Feireiss
17,5 x 24 cm, 240 pages, softcover
Texts in english & german
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From NRW-Forum: "The publication accompanying the exhibition „Planet B – 100 ideas for a new world“ is a collection of different ideas for a new world – a Planet B. The most visionary artists, designers, architects, writers and futurologists in the world present their political, poetic, odd and radical ideas for a new world.
Contributions by Rachel Armstrong, Nelly Ben Hayoun, Ernst Bloch, Stewart Brand, Brad Downey, Kevin Kelly, Ray Kurzweil, Chusz Martínez, Niklas Maak, Lucy McRae, Philippe Rahm, raumlaborberlin, Tomás Saraceno, Space Caviar, Jakob Tigges, Friedrich von Borries and many more."