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Workshop at den skandinaviske designhøjskole


October, 2008, Workshop supervisors: Matthias Hübner, Kenn Munk, Tina-Henriette Kristiansen, Eva Kappel
Place: den skandinaviske designhøjskole
Duration: 1 week

I was asked to attend at a workshop for one week at the Designskolen in Århus and provide a topic we could explore there. At that time I was pretty intrigued by the art of Chindõgu, a Japanese creative discipline founded by Kenji Kawakami, about inventing silly things to solve everyday life problems, that do not necessarily need to be solved. I was absolutely amazed by its creativity and its strict rules concerning copyright.

So I proposed to work in the spirit of Chindõgu and create solutions for the problems of the everyday problems in Århus. The workshop started with an analysis of the students´ issues in their daily life. Since the school is located in a pretty remote area, most problems were related to the possibilities of leisure activities.
Next we asked the students to articulate, sketch and build solutions for selected problems. The built prototypes were almost all working, which is crucial to the guidelines of Chindõgu.
Since the results appeared much faster than we had expected, we still had time to set up a catalogue that presents the problem/solution.
The word Løsung is a mix of German and Danish; Lösung means solution, but here it is written with the Danish letter ø instead of the German ö. Both sound the same.