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Fully Booked

Cover Art and Design for Books


September, 2008
Publisher: gestalten
Editors: Robert Klanten, Matthias Hübner
Design & project management: Matthias Hübner
Typeface: Leitura by Dino dos Santos / dstype
272 pages, 24 x 30 cm
ISBN: 978-3-89955-232-4, Sold out

»A proposition that emanates from me...
I claim it... everything in the world exists to end up in a book«

There has been said a lot about the link between books and digital media. So there's not much to add to the discourse about "the book in the age of electronic reproduction" despite maybe this – very personal – statement: Books and digital media, both obviously compete for collecting and distributing information. And it seems that this circumstance helped the book to a new boom. Digital media gave the book a discriminatory power; it sharpened its tactile qualities rather than negating them. Also digital media provides a large and fast platform to deal with and to discuss the subject book and book design.
Fully Booked displays and documents selected results of this development and responds to the flood of new approaches in book design and chains of distribution. Through the democratization of the printing process "independent publishing" has gained currency and gives fresh impetus to the field of editorial design, which is also noticed by the established book industry.
The flip over book consists of two parts that show current trends in cover design (the figurehead of the book) and the possibilities of a book as an object, especially in terms of the connection between form and content.