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A proposal for a local newspaper.


July, 2012
Concept, Design: Matthias Hübner
32 pages, DIN A3

»I have a phamarcy in my house and the street is called Spitalna, so i feel safe to get ill here.«

In Warzaw, there exist several streets that used to run through the whole center, but got cut off through the palace of culture in the very center of the city. Chmielna street is one of them.
Being invited to participate in a short art residency in Warzaw, I decided to test an idea I had for some time: a really "local" newspaper. So, with the help of a translator we went out to find people living in or nearby the street and interview them. Additionally, I photographed all the shops in both parts of Chmielna, because there is a visible gap of welth between them, which nicely shows through the shop-signs and businesses aligned to them.
The result is a prototype of a newspaper that could be produced on a 2-days basis, bringing the people closer together, as they could read interviews with people they see every day, but maybe never talk to.