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High Touch Visuals


October, 2007
Published by: gestalten
Editors: Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann,
Matthias Hübner
Design: Matthias Hübner
Cover by: pixelgarten
208 pages, 24 x 28 cm
ISBN: 978-389955-200-3, Buy it here

»Graduating from surface, sign and symbol to increasingly complex and conceptual endeavours, the latest example of tactile design are exploring thoughts, concepts and philosophies far removed from graphic design's commercial and utilitarian origins.«

Tactile follows Hidden Track and continues the investigation of three-dimensional design and its connections to other creative disciplines.
From amateurish photographs of quirky handmade typography to unbelievably professional installations, we collected a broad range of works that relate much more to our world than a black and white type poster could ever do.
The cover and back were made by the very talented duo pixelgarten.