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Nichts ist unsichtbar / Nothing is invisible


March, 2006
Author, Concept & Design: Matthias Hübner
Typefaces: Minion,
T-Star Mono by Michael Mischler
Printed by: tripple x, Berlin & Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee
Book 1: 100 pages
Book 2: 220 pages, 20,8 x 14,5 cm

»Was man nicht sehen kann, muss man beschreiben.«

Nothing is invisible is a book experiment I produced for my diploma at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee. The basic idea was to explore the subject of invisibility.
After endless attempts to make the invisible visible, I decided to just describe it.
The result is divided into two parts: the core is a booklet, that assembles quotes and texts on the subject of invisibility on a hundred pages. The texts are presented in an order acting up to an effect, which is known from wikipedia: Every text already contains the title of the next one, a linking of sorts. The following text is made visible by zooming in, which conveys the impression that one reads up "closer" on a subject.
The second, more comprehensive part contains short biographies of all the authors quoted in the booklet, and further informations on every topic touched on. It includes instructions how to make persons and things invisible, as well as reports by persons who experimented with this.
In sum, Nothing is invisible is a body of knowledge, that in its conceptional design quotes modern media.