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Beste Geschichte meines Lebens
Best Story of my Life


October, 2004
Directors: Petja Obuchoff, Matthias Hübner, Frederike Wagner & Wanja Wotschak
Actors: Peter Raffalt & Andreas Erfurth; Camera: Wanja Wotschak, Camera-Assistence: Jan Rieger; Light: Thomas Lütz & Thomas Weber
Script / Costume: Julia Jakob, Sound: Marek Weinhold & Mira Kronthaler; Best Boy / Runner: Mo, Catering: Obuchoff Family; Set Design: Florence Martin; Cut: Marek Weinhold, Duration: 9min.

This short film is based on two phrases from the book Der Schattenfotograf by Wolfdietrich Schnurre.
The story revolves around two patients being confined to a hospital room. One´s bed is placed at the window, the other one´s at the door. Since the latter seems to be upset about having no view, the patient at the window starts to tell him about what´s happening outside.