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Art & Agenda

Political Art and Activism

Art-Publication, Editorial

April, 2011
Publisher: gestalten
Editors: Robert Klanten, Matthias Hübner, Alain Bieber, Pedro Alonzo, Gregor Jansen
Design: Matthias Hübner
Typefaces: GT Walsheim by Grilli, Larish Neue by Radim Pesko,
AkiNews by Michael Kryenbühl & Ivan Weiss
288 pages, 24 x 30 cm
ISBN: 978-3-89955-342-0, Buy it here

»Political art has doubts, no certainties; it has intentions, not programs; it is defined while it is done; it is an experience, not an image, it is something that is more complex than a unit of thought.«

Political art and activism is a wide field of artistic practise, which ranges from plain and humorous provocations to painstakingly detailed research on issues to total abstraction and formalisation of it. Topics span from far into history to discourses happening right at the moment. More than often, the field of art seems to be one of the last havens for an individual opinion on hierarchical structures and developments, and sometimes it is the only possibility to connect politics and citizens.
Art & Agenda assembles more than 100 artists to document recent developments in the field of political art and activism. It is a collection of known and established, as well of up and coming artists on 288 pages.