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Arrow Pieces


November, 2009
Publisher: Jürgen Große, ZASD
Concept & Design: Matthias Hübner, ZASD
Photography: Jürgen Große, Kathleen Waak, ZASD
Translation: Iris Hempelmann Typefaces: OL Miele by Dennis Ortiz-Lopez, T-Star Mono by Michael Mischler, Grotesque by Monotype
Printer: tripple x, Berlin, Binding: Klaus Regel, Berlin
72 pages, 140 x 90 mm

»The target is that big, i cannot miss it. Is it still at all a target?«

Arrow Pieces is the catalogue accompanying the same-titled exhibition by the artist ZASD at the Berlin-based gallery urban art info.
The presentation does not persue any didactical interests. The materials handling is rather playful: Images and Texts are selected and arranged associatively and intuitively. The catalogue is not an analytical study of the project, but a collection of fragments. It presents inspirations and ideas in the form of quotes, sketches and notes, made and collected during the preparation of the project. These are completed by pictures that document the actual works. It's a notebook in content and form: The small format matches the notebook ZASD used for this project. There are two versions, a blue one in English and a yellow one in German.